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With the campaign “Odvážte sa” we supported awareness about obesity in Slovakia. We delivered an important message to the people – obesity is not an aesthetic problem nor my failure. Obesity is sickness, which we can now cure. You just need to do one thing, take a brave one step, step on the scale and go to the doctor. 
There is one biscuit in Czechoslovakia, which connects us all. Horalky is the favorite sweet we all love, regardless of age, gender, income, religion or our interest. That’s exactly how we approached the campaign, which spilled over into online channels and culminated in a big competition in which thousands of people participated.
Strategic definition of communication positioning through the grant program „Bojovníci za zdravie“ (Fighters for Health). Complete management of ATL communication as well as BTL carriers.
In addition to the complete coverage of BTL communication, POS materials and many more,  we also prepare online campaigns for Heineken. Our POS materials won the Mercury Muse award.
Complete communication management for the GOLDEN brand. ATL communication, BTL carriers, social media management, design and development of bottle labels and bottles for the „TRI STROMY“ (Three Trees) brand.
Unambiguous definition of the brand. Simplicity, transparency and handiness – basic attributes that are communicated to the customer in an original and simple way. We have placed communication in the position of a challenger, where the product of Prima Banka is more advantageous than the products of other banks. Spontaneous awareness of the brand reached the top three among the Slovak banks.
Strategic setup of a new positioning, brand rejuvenation and subsequent communication management. (ATL, BTL, online, social, PR, events)
Everyone knows baby food in a bag. It’s a quick burst of energy that will keep kids going and playing all day. DayUp came to the market with a similar product, only for adults. In the campaign, we work with the headline – squeeze out the most out of your day. The artdirection won the golden nail award in the craft category.
With its unique idea, the campaign aroused the spontaneous interest of the public, media and PR. We managed to make the marginalized topic of the homeless people visible not only in Slovakia, but also in abroad. The campaign won several golden nail awards, was shortlisted at golden drum competition and also won a “Zlatá pecka” in czech republic